Friday, June 8, 2012

Full Body Burden

Posted: Friday, June 8, 2012
Front of Dust Jacket

Yesterday (Thursday, 8Jun12) Jim Bradbury came to our home for an hour of LADDOF talk. He brought two books with him:
1. Full Body Burden: Growing up in the Nuclear Shadow of Rocky Flats by Kristen Iversen, just published.
2. Achieving Nuclear Ambitions: Scientists, Politicians, and  Proliferation by Jacques E. C. Hymans

Jim thought, and I agreed, that Iversen's book would be a good reference for my upcoming Sunstone Symposium presentation, Los Alamos Deep Democracy?

Back of Dust Jacket

Inner Dust Jacket Flaps

Jim also brought with him his letter of resignation, which I persuaded him to delay until at least after my presentation in Salt Lake City in late July.

Jim Bradbury's letter

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