Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gregory Schaaf's counsel re Story Tree project

Event: Sunday, January 29, 2012

Of the Gregory and Angie Yan Schaaf Collection
Birgitta and I visited Gregory and Angie Schaaf at their living museum home to discuss the status of the "Story Tree of Los Alamos" project. This was Birgitta's first visit to the Schaaf home and she was overwhelmed by the comprehensive collections: pottery, tapestries, jewelry, masks, totems, paintings, sculptures, etc.

I came to seek Gregory's counsel on how to approach pueblo artists in commissioning them for prototype pots with images for our story tree. After reviewing with him our latest thoughts, he suggested a more practical way to consider the enterprise. For openers, the story tree has morphed into to story trees. This opens the approach to include the cottonwoods of the pueblo in addition to the originally envisioned chestnut tree from Russia or Ukraine. I thought especially of the great ancient cottonwood at the intersection of the plazas.

Gregory stretched my imagination to show how to keep true to the symbolism of the project while considering practicalities we'd not yet thought of. Our next board meeting will have several new options to discuss.

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