Monday, January 23, 2012

Buffalo Deer Dance on San Ildefonso Feast Day

Event: 23 January 2012;
Updated: 16 June 12

The most important feast day of the year is in honor of San Ildefonso, patron saint of the pueblo, when the Buffalo Deer Dance is performed.

Male Figures in Costume 
Julian Martinez  

Female Figure in Costume 
Jose Encarnacion Peña

Male and Female Figures from 
Jose Encarnacion Peña

Deer Dancer
Richard Martinez  (Opa Mu Nu)

After the Dances, which featured all the costumes above and many more, we dined at Mamma Isabelle Gonzales's home with family and her tribal sheriff son, Myron Gonzales, at the head of the table. On top of the cabinet on the dining room south wall, I spied the many inserts of their wooden Russian nesting doll ("matryoshka"). It was a gift from Sister City Sarov guests. Then I asked to sing for my supper my favorite Russian folk song about a birch tree. Myron thought it was worth an "American Idol" appearance. "Too old", I said, to which an old woman seated on my left declared. "Not so! Indians never grow too old!"

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