Saturday, February 5, 2011

Visit of documentary film crew for "Caveman of Atomic City"

Event: Saturday, 5 February 2011; Updated: 21 Feb 11

On Saturday, February 5, documentary film makers Paul and Petra Ratner with their totaler son Felix came to dinner at our home. Before dinner Paul interviewed me for his film, took footage of the RPK Experiment and followed up the interview on the following Monday, Feb 7.

While the focus of their visit was to update old footage of "micromike" [the caveman] from five years ago and interview various Los Alamos scientists and citizens, Paul also took an interest in our LADDOF enterprise, especially the "Totem Tree" project, which has become a separate project.

Micromike's story was interesting to me because he represents an ideal example of an extreme position for this community, which belongs on the open forum table. We hope to present Paul's film during the first deep democracy open forum scheduled for next fall.